Developing a protocols to micropropagate Gac fruit (Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng.) in vitro


  • L. Al-Amery University of Baghdad Ministry of Higher Education, Iraq. Author
  • M. Al- Shamari Research Department, Horticulture Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Iraq. Author
  • I. Mohammed Date palm center, Horticulture Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Iraq Author


Propagation, Organogenesis, Momordica , cochinchinensis , Spreng,,  In vitro.


A simple and rapid protocol was established for proliferation of Gac fruit in vitro.  In this paper, the response of Gac fruit explants for sterilization was examined. The experiments were carried to select the most appropriate methods of reproduction. Best shoots multiplication was achieved on MS medium supplemented with 2 mgL-1 of BA as the highest average of main and secondary brunches (3.0 and 23.2 respectively), shoots length (7.3 mm), leaves number (28.6), fresh and dry weight (0.570 and 0.054 gm respectively) was recorded. Regenerated shoots were transferred to MS media containing (0, 0.5, 1 & 1.5) mgL-1 Indole-3 butyric acid (IBA). The highest average of root numbers (14.10) and length (7.5 cm) was noticed on medium enriched with 1.5 mgL-1 of IBA. Regenerated plantlets survived and grew vigorously in the field when cultured on peat moss with survival percentage (90%). Based on the results of present paper, a good proliferation was obtained using direct pathway via organogenesis, that should be useful for the rapid propagation of this important plant and led to produce plantlets that have ability to still alive in the field.